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Only Satchel Paige was a better-known personality than Josh Gibson.  The 6'1 205lb strongman was the standard against whom other hitters were measured.  A natural hitter, the right-handed slugger hit for both distance and average.  With a confident countenance beneath a turned-up cap bill and a rolled-up left sleeve, displaying his powerful muscles, Gibson's presence in the batters box personified power. 

He awaited the pitch in a semi-crouched, flat-footed stance, and without striding generated a compact swing that produced tape-measured home runs with such regularity that, it came to be expected as the norm.  Credited with 962 home runs in his 17-year career, he also compiled a .391 lifetime batting average in the Negro Leagues.  In addition, to his slugging prowess, Gibson possessed a rifle arm and, by hard work behind the plate, he made himself into one of the best receivers in the league.

Revised: July 18, 2013.