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Cowboy (1854-1925)

Nat Love was a cowboy in the Wild West.  He was born a slave in Davidson County, Tennessee, he was about 15 after his fathers death.  A few days later he gathered his belongings and headed to Dodge City, Kansas to work as a cowpuncher for $30 a month.  After a few months, there he headed north for a cowboy competition in Deadwood City, South Dakota.  Love was excellent in everything!  He succeeded in roping, tying, bridling, and wrestling in 9 minutes flat, the closest competitor was 14 minutes.  Next, he had the expert shooter competition; he shot 15 our of 15 shots with a rifle at 250 yards.  The crowd was so impressed they gave him the nickname that followed him for a lifetime.  "Deadwood Dick'!

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